Her name is MADDi, she hails from Kansas City and she has a soulful blues rock voice that must be heard.

Compared often to female contemporaries Bishop Briggs, Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes), Lolo,  ZZ Ward and rock icons like Joan Jett and Ann Wilson (Heart). MADDi’s attitude is rock and look is rockin’. MADDi is poised to turn a lot of heads to her music.

Be one of the first to turn on listeners to this new artist. If new music discovery is your thing, MADDi is primed to be discovered and the first release is primer for explosive things to come.

Add MADDi’s December Snow and She’s Not Me to your playlist and contact for media, interviews, backstory and feature opportunities.

Factoids: (hint… contact for more info)

  • MADDi has been interviewed by Carson Daly. The music interview icon talked with MADDi about her start as a musician, tattoos and challenges she has faced to get to where she is today.
  • MADDi has something in common with KISS legend Gene Simmons. You may have to see it to believe it.
  • Fresh off her 18th birthday, MADDi was whisked-away to Burbank, California to compete in a network TV music program. Find out which show and the surprise ending.
  • MADDi has toured the US and played Chicago’s Lollapalooza twice before age 18.

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