Since 2018, Brenden Shy has been writing, producing and performing as Dunes Day, and a few other monikers. Shy, is prolific with his ability to continually pump out tunes that can make you bob your head and pump your fist. While Shy writes and produces mostly as a solo affair the same is not true of Dunes Days liver performances. The band is backed with Shy on vocals and guitar, Sydney dropping deep grooves on the bass, and Reiden Ogden on the drums and occasionally triggering digital samples as interludes between the songs. Best to check them out at a gig in KC, frequenting Farewell, RecordBar and Manor Records showcases in the metro for now. Dunes Day is gathering a following stretching from Kansas to Denver, Chicago and Minneapolis. Purchase music from Bandcamp and follow on streaming services.

Watch this Coop Session to get a good view of Dunes Day up close.