No one knew what 2020 had in store for us, or the world. In The Airport had just played what would be one of final shows of The Riot Room in February, 2020. The put their album on pause for a short time and came back together in September to drop the instrumental album. Not only was it a herd time to come together and make music it was worse to play live or get behind an album release. As the world continued to spin out of control the band members went separate ways.

Fast forward to 2023, In The Airport is back in the rehearsal room with mostly the same members, but a new sounds is rumored to be in the works. While we wait with anticipation of a single or show announcement, kick back and groove to the tracks from a simpler more innocent time.

In The Airport is/was:
Garrett – artwork, bass
Landon – guitar
Jake – guitar
Qwenton – keyboards
Reiden – drums

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